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advice for march

Looking around the garden you can see signs of spring everywhere. Plants are resuming growth and so too are the weeds and pests. Get going now and it will be easier to keep on top of things.

If the lawn is growing again you can give it a good trim; it is a good idea to raise the mower deck slightly for the first cut of the season. As always, remember to keep off the ground if it is waterlogged to avoid compacting the soil structure.

Cornus (dogwoods) and Salix (willows) grown for winter stem colour can be cut back now to produce fresh growth. Branches tend to grow thicker, darker bark over time while new shoots provide the most vivid hues. Some choose to stool these shrubs cutting all the stems hard or you can stagger the process by pruning just 1-in-3 stems each year.

March is the best time for planting new roses and any bare-root plants should get in the ground by the end of the month. Perennials can be lifted & divided now too. Propagating in this way is easy, economical and fun!


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